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First of all, I 100% agree with this:"I have a ton of respect for H2W, purchase & own his products, and have reached out numerous times to him for tech support with great results." Ken has been my go-to for all things carby for years and looses no points at all. I appreciate you, Ken, for taking the time to chime in.

Now to you, Mr. JRod152.
You know, I always try to assist others here as much as I can with my (limited) experience and (sometimes lack of) wisdom. You sir have gone above the call of duty. Rottweiler owes you a big hug -- manly hug, that is. I suggest Rottweiler, with your permission, uses your pictures on their website to convince dumkopfs like myself to save up their pennies and invest. Seriously! Your pictures totally convinced me that I NEED this system.

CPRFAB: Be sure do remember JRod152's good deed.

Ken, do I need to rejet the system if I use the Rottweiler? If yes, do you have kit ready?

And lastly, I think, just judging by the hairiness, that we may be related.

Something, something, something ... in latin.

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