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Originally Posted by selkins View Post
Well done, and thanks for the time and effort you're putting in to making such succinct and enjoyable installments! Looking forward to more.

You're welcome! :)

Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
Great stuff so far...

Your best ride in Alaska installment looks to be more of BC than Alaska...Your only in Alaska from Hyder to a little past the Fish Creek viewing platform and then you pass back into BC on the way up to the Salmon glacier... Your timing was right to catch it in good weather...
Ha you're right! I'll see if I can change that title. I think I was in Alaska so long I began to think of the whole thing as Alaska. Sorry Canada, you're beautiful too!

Originally Posted by Saralou View Post
I so agree that the ride in Stewart BC and Hyder Alaska was one of the best rides of our trip so far. The moment you see the bear glacier is magic. Great RR.

I think it's Salmon Glacier not Bear Glacier right? Or do you mean one of the smaller ones on the way in? Glaciers are really something though! Especially when you're from the desert!

Originally Posted by WhicheverAnyWayCan View Post
Hi Becky,
It does pretty good translating your voices. About 95% of it which is enough for me to understand. For example, when you are saying riding, it would say writing but the sentence was enough for me to guess you meant to say riding. You should try seeing it for yourself sometime. And try seeing other video where it can be real bad at guessing what a person is saying. Maybe because you speak better or it liked your accent better? haha

And is it 1TB MyPassport storage device?

Sorry to hear about your engine failure but don't let it get in the way of your trip! I am certainly there will be someone who will help you. When I had coolant problem twice in Oregon last year, dealer in Lakeview let me use their tools and shop to fix my problem then later someone fixed it for me and gave me coolant and water to take with me. I am sure you will have similar luck I had in Oregon.
I'm glad it translates so well! I've been told by people who speak English as a second language that I'm very easy to understand. I'm from Arizona and I guess they get a lot of newscasters from that region because they don't have pronounced accents. And yet random people have complimented my accent and guessed a whole variety of places I might be from, so who knows?!

Originally Posted by huguesfrederic View Post
Awesome, I now need to find the pieces...

Sorry for the breakdown
Be aware you have to drill into the windscreen and mount it on the sides because the original holes don't line up to good drilling points on the light. It looks a bit weird up close with no screw heads in those holes, but you could glue some buttons or something in there if it bothered you. I'll try to post a close up later so you can see the mod.

I'm sorry for the breakdown too. It's the most serious motorcycle issue I've encountered. Not quite trip ending, but I know financially it's going to hurt. I've already curbed my spending by comparing every potential purchase to days on the road and I'm like, oh god this is going to cost like 2 months of riding.

Originally Posted by Reidy008 View Post
Looks like a fun road trip. Is this an insurance money funded life experience? Sorry about the breakdown hope you get up and running again soon. I like the video blog because I cant read...
Largely. A combination of that and living with 3 roommates in a 2 bedroom apartment and eating lots of rice and beans.

Originally Posted by marquezren View Post
Riding my heavy touring bike, 2010 Harley Davidson Street Glide, with my wife and my bike packed with all my gears plus a 6 gallon auxiliary tank hanging in the back of my top box.

We left Fairbanks at about 5:00 am., and ride straight non stop and arrive in Prudhoe Bay at midnight on the same rainy condition as you had.

Next morning after having a picture taken at the Prudhoe Bay store, as we ride towards the main road, my front tire lost traction and the bike is sliding. I counter steer couple of times and occupy almost the whole width of the road until I was able to straighten it out and avoid crashing on the soupy dirt and mud. That is when I realized that the traffic on both sides had stop and waited for me. After that my wife is crying and begging me to just ship our bike back to Fairbanks. But I finally convince her to keep riding and everything would be alright. We arrive in Coldfoot with out any more incident and camp for the night then continue our ride to Key West, Florida to finish the Iron Butt Association's Ultimate Coast to Coast Ride.

Good Luck on your adventure and ride safe.
Geezus. I can't imagine riding that on a cruiser. My hat is off to you sir.

CAUTION - Contains graphic imagery of motorcycle guts

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