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Hope this makes you feel better

I wouldn't feel bad dude.

I just got my KTM 990 Adv in May 2013, and not even 3 months later, this happened:

I was devastated at first, but a week later, it looks kinda "cool" and all my friend say it will happen again, so just remember, its those "battle scars" that give your bike character.

This is my first post (I think) and Im writing to you all the way from Sunny South Africa.

Here are some awesome photos I took shortly after my fall, makes it all worth it now doesnt it.


Originally Posted by bodi View Post
I was a little braver than I should have been on a large very steep hill climb and laid the bike down half way up the hill and got a few scratches on the orange tank plastics and also the back side plastics. SInce I was solo and half way up the hill it was a bit of a challenge to man handle the bike back into a position I could point it down the hill. Also broke both front and rear clear blinker plastics on left side but that is a easy fix.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for buffing out the scratches. the ones on the tank aren't deep but the ones on the back plastics are pretty deep.

I can live with it and not worry but it sucks having a bike with little over 1k in miles looking so tough so quickly.

Also to add insult to injury I was getting hot in my Arai XD helmet and tried to put it down on the ground when I was holding my bike up and trying to keep the hand brake engaged. Needless to say that was a mistake and becuase the grade of the hill was so steep my nice helmet started rolling down the hill. It finally stopped after 300ft or so with some nice big dents and scrathes in it.. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

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