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Hi guys!

Thanks for the love!

This was a good ride - I'm glad you're excited to read about it.

So, I'm trying something a little different this time.
Matt was looking for some Colorado stuff in the Summer of Stupid and he said it was hard to find.
It can be confusing when you have to wade through comments (and my stupid videos) to figure out what day was posted.

This time, I'll try and keep all the waving
and commenting in a separate post, and keep the body of the report nice and clean.

Maybe it will help?

I still like to say hi to everyone...

Originally Posted by AustinJake View Post
You really know how to do a ride report! Subbed!
Hi AustinJake!
thank you
Originally Posted by =[BAD]=TEX View Post

How do you pronounce that one? um...Hi Tex!
Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post

I missed the Baja and V2R reports, but I am in on day 1 for this one.
hey Hobbes, glad you found us early!

Originally Posted by RedRockRider View Post
IN! Going to be good.
Hi RRR - hey, I didn't remember that you were from St. George. We're going to be in your backyard on Day 2.

Originally Posted by utefan View Post
Yes, finally another Wan report - it is about time. I was actually spending my time working.
Oooh. Can't have that!
Originally Posted by Bob View Post
Bring it!
You got it, Bob. Hey, I have some fire trucks for you later on.

Originally Posted by ukturfrocks View Post
Yes sir looks freakin awesome
Thank you!
Oh, your comment got this song stuck in my head again.

Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
well this sucks......all them ugly KTM's and not one BMW...sounds like a train wreck to me.....I can't watch.....

Haha - I double dog DARE you NOT to watch...

also - "ugly KTMs??" Them's fightin' words!

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
...I'm on board.
Yay, Redog! Glad to have you :)
Originally Posted by jglow View Post
You had me at "Wan" !
Thanks, Jordan! Matt really enjoyed your RR videos today

Originally Posted by bigdon View Post
Pop a Top pop a Top!
Pop the top, lift it up, drink it up!

Originally Posted by NoVa Rider View Post
Wantastic! BigWan, LittleWan, the soon to be Wanned, size of the crowd makes no difference to me. I'm in again!

That's WANderful! so glad you could join us again, NoVa Rider!

Originally Posted by Gale B.T. View Post
You snuck in again and I missed you all again, well I am IN and for sure will have lots of smiles as I follow this group and you two WANS on this awesome RR.

MY Congrats on a great RR ahead of time


Oh, Gale!
We thought of you and Sandy when we went Colorado, we really did.
But the closest we got to Pagosa Springs was Lake City (isn't that 2.5 hrs away)?
We didn't think you'd want 7 dirtbags crashing on your floor anyway.
You'll see after reading the RR!

Originally Posted by Johnny Quest View Post
Count me in now that I have a driver!
I knew that name looked familiar!
hey john, thanks for signing in - 2 posts in 6 yrs!

Originally Posted by ADVwnbe View Post
Can't wait!
Welcome, ADVwnbe!

Originally Posted by dickosaurus View Post
What a helluva start! Exceptional even for you, Kelly. Looking forward to the rest.
Thanks, Dickie! I'm glad you liked it. It was the bear roar that got you, huh?

It almost sounds like a dinosaur.

Originally Posted by Joeman68 View Post
I'm in!
Originally Posted by NobeyamaGP View Post
In on the ground floor for once!

Hola! Welcome
Originally Posted by Sourjon View Post
In. Bring it!

hey Sourjon,
Now you can see all the places we should have crossed paths!
I'll bet you guys walked by our motel a bunch of times, too.

Originally Posted by Questor View Post
I'm bummed I wasn't able to join you guys, but now I get to enjoy the ride Report!
Wooo! Questor!
Don't worry, you'll be glad you missed a LOT of the ride

Aw, thanks. . Don't give me a big head!
I'm glad you enjoy the reports, but I know they aren't for everyone.

Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
I'm in!

Always love a good WAN RR.
hiya scottmac!
Great to see you again!

Hope I didn't miss anyone!

OK, real post, coming up...

P.S. Hi sion!
I'm counting on you to watch the videos!!

Originally Posted by sion View Post
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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