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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
My observation is that MM is very precise. Like Stoner, he knows the line he wants through a string of turns, and he hits his marks perfectly. Sometimes that means he moves the back end around to tighten a radius, but I don't think it means he is sliding the motorcycle. His front wheel is exactly where he wants it I think.
I would say most, if not all, racers at that level hit their marks within fractions of an inch. MM seems very comfortable with the bike moving around for sure. Finesse is not a word that comes to mind when watching him ride, but nobody goes that fast without employing some level of finesse. Both Pedrosa and Lorenzo can produce lap after lap within fractions of a second. That's precision and hitting your marks. What makes MM faster than the others? He does seem to be able to chose a different line to make a pass and maintain the same or a faster speed. Seems to me Pedrodsa had a problem with that his first couple years. If he didn't break out and run away with the race he'd get 'stuck' behind another rider.

MM is fun to watch for sure. He doesn't really remind me of Stoner much except the winning.
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