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7/31/13 bay area to Reno, NV 240 miles

The night before we left, we got some bad (BAD) news...
Bartek called and said he couldn’t go!


He said work was just too much. He was drowning and couldn’t take time off.
Oh man. That was not what we wanted to hear.
It was such a bummer. I understood, but still.
This ride was supposed to be for him!

I was so upset, it was a long night.

Then, the next morning, just as we were getting ready to leave...
Bartek called back and said that he was going after all!

Way to add some drama to the ride, Bartek.

He said he would meet us at Scott’s house, probably pretty late.
I didn’t care what time he got there, as long as he showed up!

So, after a few hours on the slab,
Matt and I were the first ones to arrive at Scott’s place.

Hey, someone has a new toy!

Only Walter was home to greet us.
He’s a great host, though.

I called Scott to let him know what was up.

He was stuck at work for a little bit but would be home in the evening.
Matt started in on the tires, while Walter supervised.

Man, our rim is looking pretty worked.

Hey, someone knew that Bartek was coming...

Next to arrive were Radek and Lica, all the way from BC...

Matt helped them unload the bikes.

Radek and the beast.

Lica picked up some cool stickers in South America, didn’t he?

I’m just impressed that he got the wheels finished in time - aren’t they flash?

Nice new D908

Radek, too.

Matt put Scott’s new tire on - another D908.

We went with a Scorpion Rally rear.
Not as pricey as a 908, but still a good tire.

Scott came home next and did a little fiberglass work on Lica’s windscreen.

Ceasar rolled up just in time for dinner - Hola Osito!

Osito came bearing (get it?) gifts - Oso Loco tee shirts!!
How frickin’ awesome is that??

Thank you, Osito!!
They're so great.

Radek took some pics of everyone hanging out.

I really wanted to give photo credit for each pic, but it’s just too confusing.
With all our photos combined, there are over 4700. Not counting screen captures!

Radek, Lica, Bartek and Osito all had some great shots - thanks, you guys!

So, for some strange reason, these dudes seemed to think we were going to be riding at night...
Hmmm. I wonder what gave them that idea?
Anyway, everyone had super awesome lights (except for us).




and, here’s Osito installing his...

Finished product.

Of course, after that, there had to be a competition.
“Oh my god, y’all - they’re gonna have a dance off light off!”

I think Radek won?

Scott and Jo went all out for dinner - thick, juicy steaks and an assortment of salads.
It was incredible!!

So delicious! Blurry but HAPPY.

The bike work went on well into the night.
With 6 KTMs, everyone wanted to make sure they were prepared for the ride...

Bartek finally rolled up around midnight. You can see he had awesome lights, too.

He had had a long day of work, but the important thing was that he was here!

Now our little group was complete.

The next hurdle was going to be getting everyone up and ready to go at 6 in the morning.
It was going to be a 400+ mile day of Nevada desert.
You know the drill - we had a long way to go and a short time to get there...

Radek had provided some inspiration -
Smokey and the Oso

Oso Queso-y!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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