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Originally Posted by JRod152 View Post
I'm stumped.

I ordered a KTM Euro switch (P/N: 60011074000) to put on my SE. I want to have the ability to turn the headlight off. I also plan to wire in my aux. lights as shown here by dad2bike to eliminate another thing on the handlebar.

I assumed this was gonna be plug & play. Turns out the molex connection that controls the existing right hand switch is a flat 4 pin. The new euro switch I have is a 9 pin molex connection w/ 7 pins existing... not exactly plug & play.

Two Moto Kiwis posted here about how it works for their SE.

Officially stumped.

The light control on the SE is from the left side switchgear, the ignition is right. so you can use the light control switch from an euro KTM exc, or you will probably need to create an adapter for the Adv switch you have.
Do you have a wiring diagram to study, you may get away with re-pinning.
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