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2 keyboard commandos attempt to tackle the TAT

Well I think its getting close enough that I can throw this up here and start to lay out some ground work for our proposed trip.

We should start off with some background... My buddy Jim and I (Scott) were sitting around one night last Sept drinking a few beers and the topic of the TAT came up. It was a bit far fetched at first, but after a few weeks of logistics and fact checking, it quickly started to shape up into more of a possibility.

The goal of the whole trip is to use the TAT as a rough guideline for our trip. We may deviate a bit here and there as we find odd and strange things that peak our interest along the way. We are planning on doing a 75% camp, and 25% hotel configuration for sleeping if possible.

We are both IT geeks by trade, so of course all planning started in a whole mess of spreadsheets and strange links to oddball ride reports from days past.

Since we are both located in Southern California a ship/fly and ride was a only real option. We got in touch with a stellar gent named Francois who happened to run a shop called Dual Sport Touring ( He's proven to go above and beyond to be helpful and help make our dreams a reality. He graciously offered to receive our bikes from the shipping company, and hang onto them for us until we flew in.

Some personal background on me. I'm a 32 yrs old and have been on a motorcycle for most of my life. I grew up at a young age riding in the deserts of CA, started riding street bikes for a bit around 16-17. Being "old" and "responsible" these days has put a bit of a damper on my riding, but I still try to get out as much as possible.

I'll be riding a 2002 Honda XR650r with all of your standard bells and whistles. Acerbis 6.6G tank, worked over suspension, 8" race light for attracting bugs.

Here she is...

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