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Thanks littlelionmonster, it means a lot.

I left the b'ys in Cow-ead and was heading to St Anthony (Saint-ant-ney) to see some icebergs.
I did some research before hand and the sightings were sketchy. I stopped into St Barbe to see the ferry schedule and to my luck,
the next one was leaving in an hour. Sorted.

While waiting for the ferry, I saw 3 bikes appear. They looked like KTM Dakar bikes. It was none other than Sam and Clair with a buddy Charles.
They started their journey over a year ago in Africa.

This young couple sold everything they had to help finance their round the world trip.

We spoke at length on the ferry to Labrador about everything. They are an amazing couple. I wish I had taken a photo with them
as she is a gorgeous girl. They were doing the trans lab for the first time and were quite nervous.
I had done it before so I knew what to expect.

The boat,

They were just going to Lab to find a place to stay for the night but I had other plans. Thinking back, I prolly could have joined them
but I was worried about the weather and saw a window of oportunity and took it.

The section of pavement to Red Bay is fantastically fun but once there it changes drastically.
This is still (in my mind) the worst section of "dirt" on the TLH. It's not really dirt but gravel/marbles.
I found with my last minute selection in tires (Shinko 705's) that I had made the wrong choice.

I had stopped to air down the tires a bit and one of the Tire Beads had gotten stuck in the valve and immediatly went flat.
So, a flat tire at KM#1 on the TLH. Bugger. Good thing I brought a pump. Phew.

I didn't take any pictures along the way as I had done before as I was too concentrated on riding. It was trecherous to say the least.

I figured if I couldn't see icebergs in St Anthony, I should be able to see them in a place called,

It was only a 55km detour, so there HAD to be some there, right?

I absolutely love Inukshuks

Especially little doggie ones,

I made it to the end of the road to find my icebergs. Can you see it?

Let me get a bit closer,

I know this is cheating, but here is 1 pic from the previous trip to put things into perspective,

I was dunched.

On to Port Hope Simpson,

Port Hope Simpson was my first stop for fuel along the way. The only camp ground in the area closed down a couple of years ago so I continued on.

What I found was a small area where a grater was spending the night so I thought it was as good a place as any.
Not worthy of any pix apparently. Camp 1 is here, N52 53.698 W57 08.652

The bugs weren't too bad but bad enough to set up camp and crawl into my tent for supper and to watch a movie.
I watched the first part of World War Z. Not the best choice when one is worrying about bears and hearing strange noises.

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