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Reaver's Ramblings - Toronto to LA on the GS Twins

This will be my first attempt at a RR here. We normally do a FB album for our family then get a thousand comments like "Motorcycles are dangerous you know!" and a thousand questions like "Aren't you scared?" Here at least I'll be understood.


The route is not firm and is subject to whims, weather and quirks of Zumo. I'm hoping to meet up with a bunch from the Parallel Universe whom I've insulted and patronized for years now. I suspect that will get expensive. Basically, we're doing Toronto- upper US to Glacier NP - Calgary - Vancouver then down the PCH below LA then maybe Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

We're launching Saturday Aug 24 for three weeks. The first few days will be full on Interstate slabbin' just to get out of here! I want to avoid Tourist Traps and big cities. We want the views in front of us to be mountains, lakes and ocean, not concrete and storm drains with the wild life in gas powered cages.

Roughly speaking........

"Her" Ride:

An '09 F650GS Twin that's actually an 800. Don't ask.
Mods include Hyperpro suspension, Touring windscreen, Wunderlich handguards, TT crash bars, Givi skid plate, grip puppies, Carbon Fibre centre panel and beak extension to break up the red, Comfort seat and Vario luggage including a 1200GS topcase that has been bolted down to prevent further unscheduled departures. This is her third GS. The last one was caged to death and now she has a titanium right wrist. This will be our first long trip since the accident and hopefully she can handle hours of vibrating bars.

Cockpit shot:

I installed a Spark Brite voltage monitor LED you can see on the left. I really don't care what my voltage is to 3 decimal places nor do I wish to explain to her what numbers indicate a properly functioning system. Green is good. Red is bad. Fast flashing red is really bad. There are some inmates I know who would make a day of designing and fabricating an elabotate prototype mount for the LED, fitting it, modifying it, documenting it then painting it black. After a sucessful product he would then offer up the blueprints with a caveat that they won't print to proper proportion so don't blame him. I just put a glob of Auto sealant on it and taped it in place for the night. KISS!

Bec is an office working Executive type whereas I'm a licenced Jet Mech yet she INSISTED that she get a new chain before we left.

So I got her one:

Hope it doesn't fall off the board while we're gone.
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