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It's also an '09 that's undergone many transformations. This year it's black with aluminum cases. Farkles include what you can see as well as Hyperpro suspension and it's mapped for cheap gas. Do I really miss 2 HP? Nawww, I'm old and the world goes by fast enough as it is.

Here's my pathetic 2L gas can. If only someone would develop an auxillary fuel tank of about 8L or so and put it somewhere hidden like maybe behind the RH pannier opposite the muffler. I bet people would be screaming "Shut up and take my Money!" Oh well, maybe when I get to Calgary I'll think of something better.

On this trip I'll be Team Leader, Chief Mechanic, Route Planner, Photographer, Logistics, Public Relations, Ride Reporter as well as the Comic Relief. Bec will be "On Vacation" with minor inputs regarding eating and sleeping decisions. Um yeah, who am I kidding? Anyone that travels with their girl will stop when she says so and will sleep where she says so. Why argue. Abstinance makes the heart grow fonder.

My value as Chief Mechanic is not fully appreciated cause as she says "Why bring all those tools and parts when we never break down?"

I don't care to extol the virtues of preventative maintenance at this time. I'm just a simple aircraft mechanic Jim.
Life is a Rollercoaster and I'm not strapped in!

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