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Originally Posted by Kropotkin View Post
That's what's going on at Ducati now. Of course, there's still no guarantee of a successful outcome, but at least they are actually trying to fix the real, underlying problem, instead of dicking around with the bike.
Originally Posted by tinhead View Post
About Ducati-
I've had it up to here with them! If/ when I hear that goddam Gobmaier again talking about how the team structure has changed and the organization chart is all different now, I'm going to puke.

Doesn't the VW empire own any machine tools, and have machinists and welders who can run them?
With all due respect, Krop, are you related to Gobmaier or something?
The "underlying problem" is that Ducati's bikes suck, and it's going to take a LOT of "dicking around" to fix them. In the entire Audi/VW empire, plus the strays hanging around at Borno Panigale, ONE engineer and ONE machinist using ONE CNC machining center could produce a frame a day given ONE welder to stitch the pieces together. Vary widths and thicknesses for flexibility of frame and swingarm pieces, move the steering head around, move the motor around, and give the horde of riders and test riders a whole truckload of things to gather data from.

Instead, they waste their time and money moving cubicles around in the offices, and for all the different reporting relationships and communication structures, they are the most behind that they have ever been.

My snide side sez that even Spies doesn't know how the Ducatis work, or he would have upshifted once after leaving the pits to engage the traction control. You can't fix stupid.
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