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With our bikes and all the BMW gear it looks like we're BMW poseur snobs I realize. In reality it's all about opportunity. Having worked for Motorrad I was able to "acquire" much gear and accessories. Also in the Flea Market section and local classifieds you'll find many bargains. Dealers don't give extra for accessories so they get stripped and sold off locally before trade-in.

So yeah,, I apologize in advance for my snobbery!

Oh, and I have a Radio face so there won't be many pics of me. Maybe Blondie if I can get away with it. And none of those damn "Breakfast" shots or "Look what I'm having for Dinner!" pics. Yuck.

Known Problems with the Twins:

The Devil I know.

These bikes aren't perfect since nothing mechanical is. Our '09's are an early model in the series and have known issues.

F800 rear wheel bearings - some have constricted bores which stress the bearings and cause premature failure. My bores are fine, bearings are cheap and get replaced sooner than needed.

Alternator failures - the stators run hot and get fried. Mine's at 50 K kms so far and I intend to let it go till failure. The Spark Brite voltage monitors will give adequate warning of failure. I also packed wiring that enables one bike to charge the other's battery. Both bikes have new Deka batterries and the latest version of stock Rectifier/Regulators that run a bit higher system voltage. The BMW fix is a Grand plus thanks.

Fuel Pump and/or Controller Failure - Mine has the newer Black FPC with the old as a spare. I also have the bypass wiring packed. Pump failures are less of a concern in Canada allegedly due to less ethanol. The BMW "lifetime" fuel filter is just plain stupid. I will back flush it at first sign of trouble. That and I have a spare.

Boring stuff eh?

I just sold my house and moved in with Bec last Saturday. All my stuff is dumped in the garage and basement. I can't find a damn thing!!! I have one week to prep both bikes while buying those tools and equipment I can't locate.

Both bikes received:

New tires
Oil and Filter
Coolant change
Hyperpro Suspensions
New battery, Regulator and voltage monitor
USB ports for toys
Brake fluid change
Full torque check on every exposed fastener

On the Road breakdown maintenance equipment includes a laptop, GS911, Maintenance CD and a hammer. Expected service will include chain maintenance and an oil change in 10K kms.

Enough of the detail crap and more pics, I know.

I have one day left to final prep and the mandate to eat all the food in the house. So far all the beer is gone.
Life is a Rollercoaster and I'm not strapped in!

Leaving it all behind 2014

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