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Day 18

Day 18 July 8, 2013
Hyder AK, to Vanderhoof BC
369 Miles

We left Hyder and fueled up in Stewart. A guy pulled up in this and left her running while he went in to the store. Be nice to live someplace where you can commute to work in a deuce and a half. Probably the local barista.

After 4 straight days of riding pavement I was ready to get back on the dirt for a bit. Dean has had a leaking fork seal since day 7 and wasn't as anxious to leave the pavement as me. Cleaning the seal did not help and we were not able to get a new seal at any of the shops along the way. We carried some fluid with us but never put any in. It was only about 60 miles until we'd be back on the pavement and it was about 40 miles shorter than the paved route so we went for it.(I didn't give Dean a choice)

This is more like it.

The only wildlife picture I took on the whole trip. I just happened to have my camera out as I was riding by.

This is a cool bridge. You don't see many wooden trusses that carry vehicle traffic(there's a reason for that).

We ended up camping again next to the city park in Vanderhoof. Hopfully the authorities weren't still looking for us after our early morning escape the last time we stayed here. We camped right next to a couple on 1200 and 800 GS's. They had seen us camping at Boya Lake and I chatted with them fueling up this morning in Stewart. Funny how 2 groups can travel 3 days straight and end up at the same spot every night.

Hey Dean, I'll trade you a beef stew for a seafood chowder.

How about a beef stew and a chicken with rice for 1 seafood chowder.
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