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Day 13 - Tablelands and Green Gardens hike continued.....

Pics from the hike on the Green Gardens trail

See if you can find the boat

Glad I wasn't out with these guys, and the sea was pretty calm....

Probably not ADA approved......

There are 3-4 little campsites that you can hike back into. Right on the edge of the cliff, with the waves crashing. Not a bad place to take a break.

I was a little early to go see the sea caves and other features that are accessible at low tide, so the ninja and I just hung out for awhile.

The hike back out.

By now, it was about time for supper. I headed back to the visitors center and asked about a good place to eat. The gift shop lade recommended "The Old Loft Resturaunt in Woody Point. Said they had excellent Moose Pie and some kind of fried bread called Touton. Sounded good, so down the road I went.

The Meal

Dip the bread in a little molasses. It hit the spot!!

then it was back to the campground for the evening. As I'm degearing, I start to hear this load whooshing sound, kind of like a small jet or something. I look up and there's an eagle chasing another bird !!! Talk about awesome, like a scene from Top Gun being reenacted by two rather large birds. They banked and twisted for just long enough for me to try and get a pic, but the took off.

Great ending to another great day!!
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