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Originally Posted by rburkat View Post
Oso Negro is in.
The great thing about the RR is that it's like being on the trip twice. But this time I don't feel bad about having a whiskey in one hand while I enjoy the ride.

Thanks guys for organizing the trip. It was a great experience and I'm so glad I was able to take part in it.

Hey Radek, thanks for signing in!
Yeah, it's going to be fun to re-live this ride, it was a good one.

We were so stoked that you were able to join us!
This was a killer group.

Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
All right! I am looking forward to this!

So how did you do that super huge multi quote? Is there a thread somewhere on how to do that? Thanks.

Hi MasterMarine!

Every time I do a RR, I get my stuff down to a science and then as soon as the RR is over, it's gone.
I usually open 2 tabs and cut and paste each quote into one window.
Because I'm old skool and inefficient that way.

If you're only quoting 3 comments, ADV has a multi-quote feature.
Next to the regular "quote" button there's a multiple speech bubble icon - that's the multi-quote thingy.
If you click that for every post you want to quote, it will put them all into one window for you.
Way easier, but if you do more than 3 quotes with that, it can turn into a nightmare.

Especially with different colored text...ask me how I know

hope that helps? this multi quote post took me at least an hour!

Originally Posted by Idahosam View Post
OMG, just came down from the mountains and stumbled onto this, crap I need to go get some beer and settle in. Another Wantastic Adventure coming right up.

BTW I am finally healing up but now the the whole state is on fire so nowhere to go ride

Beer √, popcorn √ OK I'm ready....... ................... you may continue

This going to be so GOOD!
Hi Sam!
Thanks for stumbling onto our crap (haha, thank goodness for punctuation)
Sorry to hear that Idaho is on fire

You can always try Colorado - man, that is one soggy state right now...
we had rain every day.

Glad your leg is getting better! Some of those leg injuries take forever...

Originally Posted by MikeyT View Post
thanks Mikey!

Originally Posted by VFR View Post
Hey, another Wans RR!!! Y'all started without me but I'm all caught up now, so let's GO!!

These are always the best....
Aw, VFR - we barely started - you're still in before the good stuff

Originally Posted by TLtrials View Post
Hi Kelly,
Good to meet you, Matt, and Radek out in CO! I look forward to seeing how the rest of your ride progressed, great start to your ride report.

Thanks for the sticker! I have it on my tool box here in NC.

Hi TL!
I'm so glad you found us!!
It was great meeting you guys, too.

Thanks for the sticker pic - I love it!
We got some nice shots of your group - coming up (day 5).
Maybe you can help refresh my memory about names (Wade, and ?? from Mississippi and what does TL stand for?)

Let us know if you do a ride report - we'd like to see what you found in Taylor Park


Originally Posted by Paratrout View Post
Schweeeeet!!!! Looking forward to this! I haven't been this jacked since I discovered "yacht rock radio" on Pandora!
Hey Paratrout!
heh, thanks for the enthusiasm!

OK, you piqued my interest with the "yacht rock radio," I had to see what that was about...

There were several stations that came up, but this was the gist of it -

Ah ha!
In other words, KFRC.
That was the am station Matt and I listened to as kids growing up in the bay area...

Wow, that brings back memories...
Thanks, that was fun!

Originally Posted by oldtrucks View Post
hi oldtrucks!!
Matt was so good on this ride, I don't think I have any ice cream pics of him.

But I do have a few of the other guys.

Originally Posted by NobeyamaGP View Post
How do you like the Rocky Mountain bags? I picked up a set for my Tiger for my first solo motorcycle trip this fall.
Hey NobeyamaGP,
Well, they were pretty good. BIG, though.
Matt really felt them in the deep sand and loose rocks.
And they are pretty wide for tight stuff like sagebrush 2 track...

But, for a first trip they should be perfect. You probably won't be in sand.
I think you'll really enjoy them.
They hold a ton of stuff and are easy to get into.
We only brought 1 of the waterproof liners (just for clothes) and we had a ton of rain.
I don't remember anything getting wet.

We had some get offs and so far, the bags have held up great.
Just don't crash on the street and you'll be fine

Originally Posted by Critic View Post
Ready and waiting! After riding with centrals Radek/dieseltwin, which seems to be a combination of your Radek and Lica; this has to be a good adventure!

Good thing diesel left his 950 home!

from chain's winter ride

Anyone who has a Radek and/or Lica to ride with is fortunate,
but a Radek/Lica hybrid??

You are one lucky dude!

Originally Posted by dano619 View Post
all in---thanks for takin us along---love your reports
hey dano!
thanks for joining us again

Originally Posted by cdndog View Post
hi cdndog!

Originally Posted by live2ridetahoe View Post
Gah! Skipped a day on AdvRider to go ride and look what happens. The Wans post a new RR and I get in on the third page. Feels like I'm late for the party…


Cheers Matt and Kelly!

Jeff G.
hola Jeff,
Don't worry, you're still in early! Fashionably late, that's all...

Originally Posted by tilliejacques View Post

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LittleWan for another ride report!!!!

I've been all mopey after having a tooth pulled yesterday because , well besides having yet another hole in my head, I can't have carbonated beverages nor popcorn nor really any solid food . But now I can drink the Wan Ride Report Kool-Aid!

SO subscribed!

Aw, man - a pulled tooth!

That sucks. No solid food :(
Yep, hope a nice tall glass of Orange kool aid will make you feel better...

Originally Posted by lukeman View Post
Those orange rims are sick! I'm looking forward to the rest of this report, you guys have some nice toys!
Thanks, lukeman!

This group plays rough - some of the toys get broken

Originally Posted by pyrate View Post

Every year I look forward to da best RR's evah! WAN WAN WAN!!!

Da skoolbus is back!

Hey Pyrate!

Thanks for joining us again!


Originally Posted by pprO.R.A. View Post
In ! Subbed ! For another one and only WANS report.

OK, you guys...

I have Day 1's photos was slow going.

Here's a helpful hint for anyone doing a group RR- make sure all the cameras are synchronized so that the photos all have the correct metadata.
I'm getting confused with the videos and it has been nearly impossible to get all the pics to load in the right order.

I think Lica's camera was the only one with the correct time and date.

my camera was 30 minutes off
Matt's GoPro was 10hrs off,
someone's something said it was September...

Radek's GoPro was set for January 2012

anyway, Day 1 coming up soon....

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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