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Originally Posted by tinhead View Post
I'll agree with you, Krop, only to the point that ending up with 15 boxes of untested parts at the end of a season is a management problem.
Relying on Spies to do any testing of the leftover pieces is another one.

I have heard from my local Ducatistis that the issues with Audi go beyond the race team, the car guys just don't get bike guys thing. Erik Buell dba EBR may benefit from the disaffection among the (small) crowd that just has to have a racetrack proven offbeat Twin to ride around on.
Regarding using their MotoGP riders for testing, that strikes me as risky. Only Dovi has not suffered serious and career threatening injury in recent years. Heck, CS got sick to his stomach it was so bad...

And Dovi will get his chance to be transported too.

I think everything Krop has stated about what it takes to change a corporate approach is absolutely true. You have to change the seats in the cubes to make significant change up stream. It takes a long time. Then you have to have some successful changes in the product to learn from. Of course there is a short cut. A great leader! But there are not many of those in our small sport. And most of the greats have been Japanese, so that data point doesn't help either. But I am hopeful Ducati will come back stronger then ever.

I am disappointed Krop thinks it will take two more seasons for Ducati to win again, but I can wait. There will be a lot of new stuff going on to hold my interest.
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