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I was ogling the PCV maps in rotweiler site and I noticed that at 100% there is significant fuel subtracted from the matrix cells. Of the order of 3-7% that is. Which raises the questions:
1) What was the target AFR at 100% and upper rpm range?
2) How is it possible to achieve more power while using so much less fuel compared to the stock airbox?
Easy answer. (although tahoeracer will be better suited to give details) If you are looking at the PCV map on our site for the ADV, that was made by our dyno location and was about 13:4 AFR.

More fuel, does not equal more power. Most race bikes are on the edge of lean to make the most power. What dyno guys are usually shooting for is a balance of the two. Making power, but safely. Based on the stock mapping, depending on what it is, leaning it out in certain areas will produce more power AND better mileage. We get reports all the time from customers like this.

The chart below show a before and after with the Rottweiler Intake System on a Super Duke. Starting with a zero PCV map (stock mapping) and then actually making the AFR leaner you will notice it's making 8 more HP at a leaner but very safe AFR. Win -win. (sorry for the size)

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