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I just had to go into my motor at 37,000 miles. While the motor was generally in really good shape, I did find that one of the front cam chain guides was well worn. These are made of plastic. I don't believe the wear that I found would be inconsistent with the wear on most LC8s taken apart at that mileage. So, to buy a buy with nearly twice that mileage . . . I dunno. I would buy that with the expectation that I would be throwing $2,000 into the motor pretty soon. I spent $1,500 on my top-end rebuild. $450 of that was replacing the crappy 950 cams that were shot, but that was also doing almost all of the work myself with some guidance from the local KTM shop. So the mileage would push me to buy the 27,000 mile bike.

FYI: I bought my bike at 24,000 miles. I didn't think about it at all. I considered 24,000 miles as nothing on this motor. I think mine could have done 60K to 80K miles without a rebuild, but I had some goofy issues that needed to be addressed at 37K. Such is life.
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