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Day 1: 8/1/13
Reno to Ely, NV 453 miles

Well, considering that everyone was still up at 1am,
it’s not surprising that we didn’t make our 6am departure time...
But, we were heading out by 7. Not bad!

Hmm. No breakfast pics.
I guess I wasn’t fully committed to doing a ride report yet!

I do have a tire pic, though.
So, Bartek had showed up with a TKC80 rear.

It made everyone very nervous - they all said, "TKC80? oooh."
Scott offered one of his Motoz Tractionators (and matt was willing to put it on...)

But, Bartek declined. He said he would be fine.

(edit - that linkie didn't seem to be working right - it was the worried marge simpson noise)
here's the face:

The schoolbus.
Looking very schoolbus-y

Last one out is a rotten egg!
(oh wait, looks like was us!)

Everyone had fueled up on the way to Scott’s,
so we were able to head right into the dirt

A map would be nice here, but I don’t really have one.
Oh, here’s what our proposed tracks were going to be.

Matt had routed some pavement in there, just because we had so many miles to cover.
But, with Scott’s local knowledge, we ended up doing a lot more dirt than this shows.

It was mostly fast dirt...

With the occasional gate.

We had some moments of confusion...

But made decent time.

A lot of the route was un-tested.

But we lucked into some good stuff.

The guys seemed to have fun...

In the vastness of Nevada.

Here’s a short video to give you an idea of Day 1...
(HD if you want it)

The music was Radek’s suggestion - thanks, Radek!
I didn’t even know they did that song.
It was perfect.

Goggles Pizano was pretty thrilled to show off his backyard -
thanks, Scott!

There were plenty of opportunities to let the big gals stretch their legs...

Our first stop was Lovelock.
Fuel for the bikes, then fuel for the riders...

And, some minor repairs...

Bartek’s Touratech GPS mount had broken.
Electrical tape and zip ties to the rescue!

Radek said, “What are you even doing with that thing?
Friends don’t let friends buy Touratech sh*t!”

Matt and I usually have Interphone f5 headsets, but for this ride we got Senas.
Lica, Radek and Bartek already use Senas and Lica was bringing 2 extras for Ceasar and Scott.
He said that with Senas, we could all link together and talk.
It was a splurge, but Matt and I got smh10s so we wouldn’t be left out

It didn’t always work out, but when it did it was fantastic.
More about that later...

Here Lica is getting Osito hooked up.

OK, Scott - lead the way...

More untested tracks...

There were many lessons learned on day 1...
I don’t think any of us were used to riding in a large group.

Having to space out for the dust and having untested GPS tracks made for some hiccups.
We got separated a few times and we had to work out some ground rules.

At this point, I think it was just us and Lica...

This road was super fun, but it turned out that we were off track.

Eventually, we met back up with Radek...

and Osito.

We figured we’d find the rest in Austin.

and we did.

Gassed up the bikes

And gassed up the riders.

It was after 3pm and I don't know if we were even at the halfway point....

Oso far to go...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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