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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
IN MY OPINION. There are a lot of bikes with almost no miles on them . Less than 5000. Personally, I wouldn't buy a 27,000 mile bike, and I especially wouldn't buy a 67,000 mile bike. The most I'd keep a bike for is about 60,000 miles , by then, they're feeling loose, steering head, swingarm bearings are getting worn, suspension needs a rebuild, etc., etc.. No telling about the engines, but I ride them hard. I'm not saying those aren't fine bikes, but to me, it would be worth it to find a very low mileage bike instead.

I say this after owning 40 something bikes. You know these guys on the BMWs that say.theirs is just broken in at 100k? They're lying. I sold a K100 at 75k, and it was getting pretty loose.
Totally agree. I found my 950 with 3,200 miles on it. 60k miles is a common number thrown around when asked "how long will a LC8 go with no major maintenance issues?"
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