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On the way back through Hyder, there were construction flaggers at the main intersection. The one was gesturing for me to go left...I signaled that I wanted to go straight. I see a pier in the distance! The flagger asked if I was wanting to go to the Hotel.. No, I was just wanting to see what there was to see. "Oh, do you want to ride to the end of the pier?" "Sure!!" I said. "Ok, I'll radio down and let them know you're coming!"

I had a good long chat with the flagger at the end. She has lived in Hyder for 20 some odd years, and told me a few stories of wolves and grizzly bears.

She told me how windy it can get out here, and how hard it gets hard to hold up the stop sign on a blustery day. One time she says she wasn't braced, and the wind smacked her sign pole into right her forehead! "I decided to use hand signals for the rest of the day!" she said.

When I came into town, there was a large cargo ship, which had since left, apparently for China. It was full of gold ore. I had been seeing some pretty massive trucks on the way in.

She told me how one time there was a rare lightning storm when she was working out here, that sparked a blaze on this slope. She says she saw a ball of flame explode, and then smoke soon after. It burned for 2 weeks.

Apparently these piles at the foot of the mountain are where the original town of Hyder sat. There was a massive fire at some point that wiped out the original town. It was real nice chatting with someone who had lived there for so long. You learn a lot!

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