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I take my helmet off, gloves off and put my hands on the saddlebags so he can see them as he walks up. If Tina's with me, I have her put her hands on my shoulders so he can see them. Stay on the bike until instructed to get off, motor off, sidestand down, feet on the ground.

If I have to reach in my pocket for my license, I tell him that I"m going to reach in my pocket for my license and tell him which pocket it's in. If I need to produce my registration, I say "It's in the glove compartment over here (pointing), so I'm going to get it out"

I want him to feel safe, which gets things off to a far better start.

When they ask me how I'm doing, I always reply with a laugh, "I was doing a whole lot better a few minutes ago."
When reading stories like that, where normal people behave like prisoners of war just because they talk to police, i am very happy to live in europe.
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