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Out of Laramie, off the interstate, a highway turns to two lanes which brings you up to the town of Medicine Bow. Not much there, but, there is a really neat looking old hotel on the main drag. Also, one gas station which I took advantage of.

Now we’re talking! Onto the dirt. I’m not all that excited about my tires at this point but I’ll make do.

An hour or so later, I pull up to the bridge where Blurry and I thought we’d try to meet. I got there first and hadn’t even gotten my helmet off when I see Blurry pulling up. He pulled a piece of slab from near Salt Lake and hopped onto gravel to get to this bridge on the North Platte River just north of Seminoe Reservoir. Talk about good timing! Chalk that up to dumb luck. We took a beer break to catch up a bit then continued on.

Now we were getting into the type of terrain that we would be riding until we got back into Utah. Wyoming has thousands of miles of two tracks running across it. Easy riding for the big dirt bikes.

Super cool bridge going over some narrows on the North Platte.

Now we’re getting into more familiar terrain where the trails become much more sparse. When you’re in the west, you kinda have to learn a sixth sense that’ll tell you whether your route will go through or if it’s going to dead end, or be blocked by private property, or be closed by county, state or federal authority. Maps only do part of the job.

After loosing the trail and sniffing it out again, we were slightly questionable about if it was going to go through. The old two track was very sparse and hadn’t been used much lately. Sure enough, at the bottom we found ourselves on the wrong side of this gate.

We made it down to the marina where we thought we might get a few supplies but they were already closed. A girl came out and I talked her into selling us some more beer out of the bar till which they weren’t finished counting for the day. I came back out to find Blurry and a puddle of oil under his bike. We quickly turned off the gas and laid it over as to not lose anymore oil. This is never a pretty sight.

At least we had beer to drink while we tried to figure out where the oil leak was.

The Super Enduro has one SERIOUS flaw in my opinion and that is the location of the engine oil reservoir tank which hangs right at the lower front of the engine, right where the skid plate takes the most abuse from rocks, stumps, barricades, etc. This is a major flaw for a bike that is supposed to be built to withstand a serious beating. We are working with some guys in Salt Lake that build skid plates to build a GOOD ONE that is attached to the frame of the Super Enduro rather than just being attached to the reservoir itself.

JB Weld is an amazing patching tool but it turned out we didn’t need any. An oil line fitting had gotten bashed out of shape when blurry came over the log past that closed gate. We clamped it and tweaked it almost back into shape. We thought we might have to make a gasket out of the Budweiser cardboard box but we got it to seal back up without a makeshift gasket.

It was almost dark when we got the repair finished and Blurry was low on oil. The marina attendants were gone so we decided to just sleep on the grass in front of the place, grab a quart of oil from them in the morning and keep going. (poor photo, sorry, iphones only on this trip)

This was actually a super sweet camp site!! But then the marina manager walked up to us. We explained our situation about breaking down and how we wanted to camp there for the night and buy some oil in the morning. He was totally cool and said enjoy the grass!! But he said the place was closed on Tuesdays so we couldn’t buy any oil then. Instead he unlocked the place and grabbed two quarts which he gave us and wouldn’t take any money. The more I run into people who do stuff like that, the more generous I become with anything I can do to lend a hand to others. Perfect. We got drunk and called it a night.
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