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Originally Posted by Rockwell View Post
Been having some issues starting the bike since it got off the plane from New York to Iceland.

The day after the bike arrived, the bike wouldn't start due to insufficient cranking power. We eventually got a boost from a car, and we able to start several times after stopping and shutting the bike off.

The morning after, there wasn't enough cranking power to start the bike again. We needed to get another boost, which was good for the rest of the day, starting and stopping the bike until it sat for several hours.

Does it sounds like a dying battery? Bad alternator? Or does it sound like something might be draining the battery while stopped - some sort of partial ground fault or short?

We're sort of in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Iceland. How can I test the alternator for proper output? If I disconnect the battery leads, what sort of resistance should I be seeing from the positive terminal to ground? I haven't found anyone in this town who can do a load test on batteries, so I am going to first look into other issues. I'm also going to try to clean all connections (though I only have chain cleaner with me and haven't been able to find electrical contact cleaner).
to solve this you will need to find someone with a battery charger, a simple volt meter and more information from you.

could be something simple as parasitic drain that resulted in a discharged battery. KTM are not known for having much reserve capacity on battery size. if you don't see corrosion on battery terminals and bolts are tight. unlikely you are having contact problems. any wire brush will clean terminals.

does the bike run fine after you get a jump start? that's indicating a working charging system, after bike is started.

anyways .. find a volt meter with amp features.

to test battery .. first fully charge battery with any automotive lead acid battery charger. then allow to rest overnight .. assuming you've got an AGM battery... 12.6v-12.8v range indicates a full charge. for LiFePO4 it's completely different.

for the load test .. simply starting your bike will work. if say your resting voltage is 12.8v and it starts your bike. odds are your battery if fine.

after you start your bike either with a charged battery or jump start... measure voltage at battery. your charging system should be putting out 13.8v to 14.2v at mid rpm.

most common charging system failure is rectifier/regulator or stator.

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