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Headed out on my trip and didn't get 60 miles before I ran up on a State Highway Patrol doing 15 over the speed limit. When our single lane split into 2 lanes he pulled over in the right one and went under the speed limit to let me go by. I knew I was screwed then. He gave me about 30 seconds when I went around him before he lit me up. Pulled over, killed the bike, helmet off, earplugs out, and placed my hands on my handlebars.

"Going a little fast weren't ya?"
"Yeah, a little."

Asked for my license which was in my rucksack strapped to my sissybar. I told him where it was and then got it out. He asked if I was in the military and I replied that I was. (My license has my address as Eglin AFB) He told me that if I promised to slow down that he would let me off with a warning. I told him that I would and then he invited me to come sit in the car while he ran my stuff, and not the back seat either.

We had a nice chat about work and such. He did 3 years as a medic in the Army and then is on his 20th year as HP. He's about ready to retire. After running my stuff he directed me to a nice breakfast place the next town over and we parted ways.

I had really good luck this trip. I don't know if it was all my gear strapped to the bike (my neighbor says I look like a hobo) but I got a thumbs up from Ohio Motorcycle Highway Patrol who was running radar on I-70. Then in Illinois HP lit up the car that was behind me even though we were both going the same speed (I might have slowed down enough). I passed numerous cops who didn't flinch while I passed by. I normally run 10 - 15 over on the highway.
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