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Day 14 lemond to port a basque ferry

Another pretty day. Got the tent dried out and everything packed up then decide to do the short bike in the cg. No hurry ferry didn't leave til 12am and was only 3 hours there. Hiked over to an abounded town site.

Pretty high tech security gate. I tried and tried to get passed this, but finally gave up

Saw a rotted carribou on the trail. Right in the middle of the trail, completely undisturbed. Luckily, it was mostly done, so it didn't stink too much.

Thats right, I'm rocking the lime green and capris.

Rolled out about noon and stopped in Deer Lake to check email. Weather note from ferry. Headed out and weather got worse the further south. Started spitting rain and the wind really picked up the last 30 km, The Wreckhouse lived up to its name. Would have been a beautiful ride, but I could only focus on the road. Thought I was going in the ditch with a couple gusts. Got to ferry about 5 and watched it rain and 6 other bikers come in. Wind had gotten worse later on so glad I was there.

Two guys from Georgia rolled on FJR's. They had just done the Translab and were complaining about their fork seals.

A group of bicyclist rolled in a little later. They road across NF and were headed down to NS. They were raising money for something, but I don't remember what.

Dinner - there are few things better then a good roast beef sandwich with extra gravy and fries.

Ferry couldn't leave until 7am due to the weather, so everyone loaded the boat around 10pm and tried to sleep.
Strapped in and ready for a rough ride

Moved to the reserved seating area but ended up on the floor for awhile.
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