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Day 14 - Zion Day 2

So we wake up on Friday and oh man are we tore up. Bones creaking and sore everywhere. This might have an effect on what we are going to do on our last day in Zion....

So up we go and grab some breakfast and then what? We go over the NP map and there are some choices... The narrows, emerald pools orrrrr Angels Landing.

Narrows is a canyon with super narrow passageways and you have to swim/wade through most of the hike up stream for up to 10 miles if you want to go that far. Not steep but just upstream, in water, for most of the hike.

Emerald Pools is what it says it is and that's a nice leisurely hike for 4 or 5 miles.

Angels Landing is a strenuous vertical hike for 2.5 miles with a very sketchy assent to the summit that has 2,000 ft drops on both sides of the 3 foot wide trail. Not for the faint of heart or those scared of heights.

After a lot of back and forth with the Mrs... we decide to just start hiking North and we'd figure it out along the way.

Well I wasn't wanting to hike uphill anymore but the thoughts of beautiful views and some excitement with vertical drops I decided on Angels Landing.

Another brilliant move on my part as now we'll have hiked around 2 miles up and around 20 miles in the past week. Legs were not doing so hot.

So off we went and it was a doozy of a climb. Below is the beginning of the trail and it just got more vertical from this point on. The trail was all paved until you got to the crazy stuff so at least the hike was easier without having to boulder hop etc...

My arse was getting kicked badly! Legs were shaking, back was jacked etc... My wife thought this pic was funny because I was DYING!

We got to the first lookout and that's where my wife called it a day. She doesn't do well with heights and when she looked up at the next portion of the climb she said "Hell No".

You hike right over that spine with drops on both sides... The "official" sign at this point said only 5 or 6 people have died climbing this trail but when I was talking to some park employees they were saying that 2 people had fallen to their deaths in the past 3 years. Considering how long this has been hiked I'm thinking the # is quite a bit higher than that.

Here is some of the edges you have to walk past on the way up. 3 feet to my right is a vertical 2000 ft drop. Behind me is where the "spine" starts and then it's 2K drops on both sides of you with only a 4 foot wide walkway at some points.

Right side of the the spine as I'm heading up.

Heading up the Spine looking down at the people coming up behind me. Don't fall right!

Same thing but don't fall left this time! Notice how everyone is in the crawling position. Everyone was using a 3, or 4, point stance quite a bit. Back up that spine behind the people is where mama is waiting. You traverse that spine the whole way.

Yes I'm with Stupid... aka myself

Finally made it to the top and man what a view! It was named Angels Landing because one of the early explorers said "Only an Angel can land there". Hence the name... (pic doesn't do it justice as usual) First pic is looking to the right from the summit and the others are looking left.

Hell of a view but time to head down as mama has been waiting for an hour now.

She got to enjoy some nice views on the way down though.

Got to the bottom and by this point my body is so beat down that I start to lose it...

Had dinner and went back to the lodge and called it a day. Need some rest before we head off to our next adventure tomorrow....
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