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Originally Posted by Peanuts View Post
If your feeler gauges are not bent at the end and you check the clearance with one feeler gauge, you will get a smaller figure than with two because the feeler gauges need to flex to get into the gap and the single gauge flexes less than 2.

So if you used just one gauge in the past, the reading with 2 gauges will appear looser, but its actually operator error ;)
I'm afraid I don't follow what you're saying. But I've been measuring this machine with the same set of feeler gauges (with bent tips), so any user error should be repeated. I only use one feeler gauge at a time, I don't stack them.

Lying awake in bed early this morning, I had an epiphany. I wonder if the valve got damaged or bent or something like that. If it doesn't close all the way, that could cause my problem. So, I'm on a quest to find a leak down tester....with a 10mm adapter. No one local seems to stock that. Crap.
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