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Day 1: 8/1/13
Reno to Ely, NV 453 miles, continued

We'll start with a few random Day 1 photos from Lica's camera...

We had been riding for most of the day, but Nevada is HUGE.
Scott said we had ďthis far.....Ē to go...

and had this much time to get there...

Well, weíd better get on it then!

The bike was making a weird noise on this road so we stopped...

It turns out the chain guard was broken.

Matt had just put that on!
Broke another one.

There arenít a lot of landmarks out here...

Nice lawn!

Hey, Lica

Beep beep - the schoolbus is here!

Hola, Bartek!

The dirt continued.
Sometimes the sagebrush was short...

Sometimes the sagebrush was tall...

We stopped to regroup here.

Then, it was back on the road.

Hey, horses! It's always cool to see them out here...

We stopped here because Radekís bike was overheating.
Bad enough for the red light to come on.

Crap. We hadnít done any serious climbing, nor was it super hot today.
Thatís not good.

There wasnít a whole lot that could be done at the time.
After a brief rest, the group continued.

More gates.
Usually, Iím the gate master. My job as pillion.

But, the guys were really sweet about taking turns wrestling with the barbed wire.
Thanks, Bartek!

We had some tighter 2 track with sagebrush here.
As we learned on the TAT, sometimes things get crazy when youíre on an overloaded schoolbus...
This part got kinda rutted, kinda silty...
and the next thing we knew, we were taking out some bushes.

It was our second time in the bushes that day.
Earlier in the ride, Matt took a corner too hot and we almost ate it right in front of Radek.
It had been a close one (Iím just glad he didnít capture it on film).

Scott suggested that we head towards Hamilton.
Okey dokey.

Another gate.
Thank you, Radek!

Matt and I had gone through Hamilton a couple times (itís on the TAT),
but we had never seen Treasure City (up the hill).

There arenít many ruins left in town.

It was going to be dark soon, so we all hurried up the mountain.

We lost Scott somewhere so we didnít continue all the way to Treasure City.

But, it was close enough.

Hey, there you are!

There was more dirt on the tracks, but it was getting late.

Pretty sunset.
Radek got a nice photo of Lica.

hereís Lica taking a photo of us...

As I take a photo of them...

El Bartek!

I was starting to worry that we were going to lose our rooms,
and the guys were getting hungry,
so we slabbed the last bit to Ely.

After checking into Motel 6, we headed out for food.
Hotel Nevada

Interesting decor.

Matt made a new friend. Hey buddy, can I borrow a diaper?

Osito le gusta el Indio!

Giant watermelon photo from the menu...

Ah, beer. I know what bigdon is thinking!

Let's drink beer!

I donít know what made the guys happier - beer or food?

Maybe food.

We forgot to clear the GPS this morning. Whoops.
Didnít remember until about 35 miles into the day.
So, I did a little maths...

450+ miles.
Not too shabby.

Day 1 is in the books!

The day's casualties:
1 GPS holder - Bartek
1 chain guard - Wans

1 bike overheating - Radek
1 bike cutting out - Osito (forgot to mention that earlier)

Well, for 6 KTMs and 453 miles, I guess that wasn't bad.

Oso Tired.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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