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I did install too yesterday my new Anakee 3 or Anakee III as I like to call them.

Curious about the noise thing because they are absolutely quiet and that was something that I notice today getting out of my garage.

My old Bridgestone TW 47 and 48 were very noise in the garage and on the road. This Anakee 3 are amazing in terms of noise but I only ride'em for like 40 kms now.

They are skinny tires true. My 2001 Honda Transalp 650 has a 90-90 R21 in front and 120-90 R17 in da back.

The front tire... wow thin! Skinny skinny! The rear one, well, it's more or less normal, but since I had a 140 on the back, this one looks like half of tire.

Anyway, the ride is so much more comfortable with Anakee 3 than my TW's and I'm going to drive them offroad tomorrow or next week and let you all know about it.

Take a look at some pictures I took today. They show how thin they are but also how big those cuts are and that proves they are not street oriented tires. Those are trail tires to me.

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