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overland jacket and pants on a 990

I've been riding for a week in my Overland Jakcet and Pants on my 990. I've done street and dirt. It's been about 85 deg F with no rain.

Sizing: I followed Klim's Size Chart and ordered online. Fit is great. Keep in mind they make "regular" and "tall" pant lengths so just make sure the Waist fits right. Mine fit great in the Waist but are a little too long for my taste but getting the right length would have meant getting TOO big of a waist. (knee armor is adjustable)

I wanted something that I could easily remove the Integrated Armor and wear a pressure suit. Overland works great for this. As someone said above; the forearms are a bit tight with a pressure suit but not a deal breaker IMO. Remember it's a "Shell" so no insulation; you wear your own base/mid layers if you get cold. I've just been wearing it with a T-shirt.

PROS: Fits great. It's comfortable. It doesn't flap around on the highway. Zipper pulls work great with gloves. Vents can be Zipped while wearing the Jacket. When moving, I can feel "coolness" NOT a breeze but it makes it confortable in the climate I'm in.
CONS: I don't feel air moving in the Jacket with the vents opened. I haven't gotten hot but I was just expecting to feel a breeze. Pockets are smaller than I expected.

PROS: High quality. Vents are great. Nice pocket with good size. I like the leather inner leg.
CONS: I don't really like the velcro cuffs. I like to make them tight around my boots (SIDI Adv) but I run out or velcro/there isn't a lot of velcro surface area. A couple times the cuff has opened while riding. Not a big deal. Also, they are a little baggy from the knee down but that could be because I'm short.
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