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Originally Posted by Rockwell View Post

The bike fails to start on a filly-charged battery, but does start every time when boosted from another battery. When boosting, I am connecting from the ground point on the engine case to the terminal close to the start relay, bypassing the battery leads.

I'm going to check the cables leading from the battery to the start relay. I did notice that, when the bike came off the flight, one of the battery terminal bolts was rusted. The battery terminals look fine, but I will check the actual cables leading from the battery to the start relay.
Aha! perhaps you have found something there. Like you say, IMHO best thing now is to take all the battery leads and grounds apart, give them a good rub with emery/scotch bright or whatever you can find, and re-assemble. Also any connections/fuses around the starter solenoid. Don't worry about greasing them till you solve it.

I was looking for the pic of your bike in the crate but I can't find it. Seems like you have a sump guard. perhaps check if any wires got pinched under it or touched the floor of the crate.

Failing that, I would go for a good old lead-acid battery and hope that solves it (or borrow one to try it). Good luck.
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