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I bought mine in 2009 with 24,000 miles on it. I knew from studying this board that 24,000 miles on a bike like this was not a problem. I paid $6,900 with delivery, and I thought that was a steal for the bike I got.

I did have to do into the motor at 35,000 miles, but there really wasn't an internals problem. More "user error" than anything. Anyway, everything on the top end of the motor was fine other than some worn cam chain guides, and typically bad "pitted" 950 cams. The cam issue is an early 950 problem, and it should be expected. The guides should be expected because they are plastic.

So, I don't think high mileage is a huge concern. I did comment the other day on someone considering buying a 950 with over 60K on the clock. If the price was right and the bike was properly maintained, I might do that. But I would be discounting the price by the possibility that I would be going into the engine in the coming years and knowing what that would cost. Of course, another option is to swap a newer 990 motor into these bikes and ride on. Whether it's a motor rebuild or a swap, you could easily be looking at a cost north of $2,000, so the base bike price would have to be right. But point me at a well-maintained 950 with a blown motor selling for around $2,500, and it would take the wife ripping the checkbook out of my hands to keep me away.
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