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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
Somewhat of a cross post since there are multiple threads in different forums on these tires:
Just mounted A3s 3 weeks ago. 2007 R1200GSA
Went on a 2 week, 7k mile trip. all surfaces (good road, bad road, gravel, hardpack, a little mud), all weather; below freezing to 107*, heavy rain, sun, etc...
They still have a ton of life in them and performed perfectly...well, except in the mud.

They are F'ing loud though. Not a little loud but a lot. Even over earplugs. I usually ride with my XD4's shield open during the day but had to close it to not get a headache. Now when it comes time for new, it's going to be tough.

I figure I have at least 3k more miles unless they wear fast in the end.
Weird why some are loud and some aren't? Wonder if it's tubes vs tubeless. Mine are quiet on my Tiger 800XC running tubes. I'm assuming you're tubeless on your GSA? Maybe the tubes act as sound dampers or something. Where's a sound engineer when you need one.
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