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I'm beginning to shop for a new bike..just cause I want something new..I currently ride an '08 GSA...

About final drives..let's be honest..completely blown out of proportion...the failure rate is less than 1% +/-...should it happen at all..other than the fluke, no, it shouldn't, however, everyone who has a seal leak, screams "final failure"

Goldwing failure rates are about the same.

What has been said before holds true..we all know the KTM is the superior off road bike..but all around bike? I think the BMW wins..this thread talks about mileage and oddly, several here sound like a Harley rider.."well, mine has almost 20k on it..and is 6 years old.." I just received my 100k award..on an '08..the bike did get a tranny replaced under warranty, at two months old..fluke, manufacturing problem..and a u joint went out..covered under warranty, not a fluke..poor design..but that's motor issues..change oil every 10k...has been all over Death Valley, the North Rim..Colorado...started the Washington BDR, Thursday...once a year valve checks take an hour..with beer, oil changes..15 minutes..

I don't struggle with small windshield air management...bad water pumps on brand new bikes and steering head bearings??

Are BMW's without problems? Of course not..and myself and only a couple other guys are very critical of them in GS Spot..not a fanboi..

When it's all said and done..and none of us on upper end boutique bikes want to hear it..but Yamaha has the bike to beat, like it or soul, no character..just dead solid Japanese reliability...

All that..but..damn I want a BAJA...
"Ignorance is a powerful tool when applied at just the right time..sometimes even surpassing knowledge.." EJ Potter
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