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Originally Posted by duffs View Post
11,000 miles on my 2012 trophy and no cracks... as others have mentioned, the issue is overwhelmingly specific to US models where ~10% ethanol is the usual in the fuel, but also where the charcoal canister is fitted.

As the EU has approved up to 10% ethanol in fuel recently it will be interesting to see if the problem migrates this way. Fortunately the fuel stations are obligated to clearly mark fuels with ethanol and the majority will either have no ethanol, or have ~5% ethanol on super plus grade (≥98 RON) so it will be easy enough to avoid this.

What's interesting is that BMW have confirmed that all of their bikes are approved to run on up to 10% ethanol.
Funny thing: when I changed my 650GS single for the 8GS I asked my dealer if I could run it with E10 since I had a weird theory that the stalling from my 650GS came from that "bad fuel". He told me I should avoid that E10 "as much as possible". I don't want to find out if that cracked tank thing can happen in europe :o)
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