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Originally Posted by Loutre View Post
Funny thing: when I changed my 650GS single for the 8GS I asked my dealer if I could run it with E10 since I had a weird theory that the stalling from my 650GS came from that "bad fuel". He told me I should avoid that E10 "as much as possible". I don't want to find out if that cracked tank thing can happen in europe :o)
Neither do I and I'm always on the lookout to avoid it. I once drove a Canadian spec Honda Civic from Vancouver to San Diego and back and it went from 600km/tank to 500/km/tank as soon as I started using ethanol 'enhanced' american fuel. I understand these days most fuel in Canada has ethanol in it but back then I think only Husky included it. Ethanol is a false economy and forces people (at least in the EU) who don't want to use it to buy higher grade (more tax and expense) fuel to avoid it.
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