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I went home and checked the 25 freaking sheets that I had signed at the end of our pack out. No bike on the shipping sheets and no bike on the storage sheets. I couldn't believe that the one thing that I forgot to check for on the packing list was the bike. I'm a fucking idiot!

I called the shipping company and asked them but their sheets were the originals so they said the same thing. The gal asked me if I was sure there was a motorcycle!

I helped them load it into the truck.

She checked the sheets again and checked the warehouse but no bike.

At that point I lost it and told her that I helped load it into their truck and had witnesses, that I wanted everyone's name that did the pack out because I was going to file a stolen vehicle report. She asked for two hours to figure out where it went. It was a VERY long hour before she called me back.

It's not on any paperwork but she assured me that it's in crate #6 and it's enroute with the rest of our HHE. How's that for a stressful conversation?
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