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Originally Posted by Rockwell View Post
Took the battery out and looked at the battery leads. They look fine. I did a resistance check on both leads and they both measured 0.9 ohms. They appear to be fine.

I bought the battery tender junior just before leaving on this trip since it was compact and handy. Maybe, as stated before, it could have cause damage to the battery?

I forgot to check the model number of the battery, but found it in an e-receipt in my email from a few years ago when I bought it. Its: Shorai eXtreme rate LFX lithium battery - LFX18A1-BS12
unlikely battery tender jr damaged your Shorai LFX18, unless you left it plugged in for months. short exposures is not likely to hurt your Shorai. if your LFX18 reads 14.25 resting overnight, that's completely normal for a full charged LiFePO4 without internal BMS. in two years if you have not balanced charged your LFX18 using external ports. cells could be out of balance.

if battery leads are not at fault? bad relay can cause these symptoms. to test bypass relay and connect jumper directly to starter using Shorai only.

have you measured voltage with KTM rev'd mid range? output should be 13.8v to 14.2v... this is assuming your volt meter is accurate.

Shorai LFX18 is expressed in PB/EQ or much smaller to original 11AH PB spec's. but KTM engineers are known for shaving off weight anyway they can.

for adventure duties, go with Shorai LFX21 minimum size. or better yet LFX36

or EarthX ETX24 or ETX36 .. EarthX has the advantage of internal cell balancing and newest models will have overcharge and under discharge protections.

but where you are at .. you might have to settle for what ever is available.

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