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Alex Bub and I attended a meeting today about an initiative to establish an off-road vehicle park in Forest County. This has been worked for some time now. It is a big undertaking even to study. A central focus is the economic development of the area. The group working this initiative commissioned some studies regarding the potential economic impact of the project and have been looking at what it might take to develop and operate such a facility. There are several important phases that must be successful for the project to come to fruition and it will take quite a while to get through them. One key aspect is that there will be a heavy reliance on volunteer labor to establish the trails for this facility. Potential daily user fees have not been addressed yet.

It is not known (yet) whether this would be a private or government sponsored facility. The DNR is interested in putting an ORV park in the underserved southern part of the state. WORPVI wants to develop something in Forest County.

Projects like this take a lot of time to develop.

In the mean time, the Crandon Raceway is interested in adding some ORV facilities to their truck raceway park. This has the potential to happen quickly as they have the land and supporting infrastructure. Not sure if/when they will proceed.

A local tribe is also kicking around the idea of opening an ORV park on some land that they have available in the area.

A lot of activity for a very small area in far northeast Wisconsin.
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