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The reason it scares people is because it is next to impossible to find one with more than 100,000 miles on it, but very easy to find reports of the engine being opened up with substantially less miles! Invariably, the owner will blame the problem on operator error, bad gas, and of course they all say the miles have been "hard"! BTW, I have a 990ADV and I am concerned about how long it will last!

I have also owned a BMW. It is not very difficult to find 100,000 mile BMWs. But of course, if you complain about BMW quality over on the Beemer Board, you will have some folks that will get very irate with you. I know, I have been there and done that! Some of those folks think there has only ever been one FD to fail and can't understand why people keep talking about it.

The KTM puts a bigger smile on my face! I am more of a south of the border Adventure Rider and the suspension is great for the bad roads and millions of speed bumps. I really hope my moto last 150,000 miles with minimal problems! If it does, it will get replaced by another KTM, if it don't, it will get replaced by a BMW. The orange koolaid is strong! So is the blue! But when you are in Panama or somewhere and your moto breaks down, all of the koolaid turns to piss!

I actually have a thread here:
Titled "How long will a 990adv last???"

I am gaining confidence, but this moto is a long way from proving BMW reliability. I hope it does in the end! BTW, I don't consider the BMW's reliability to be as good as the Japanese, however, they do no have an Adventure Touring moto yet that will compare. I am watching the Super Tenere!
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