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dome or standard seat cut

Based upon my experience with fitting the DOME or STANDARD filter to the SE/SM, here are my observations:

1. Requires the velocity stacks to be 'clipped' or 'cut down' so that the filter will fit all the way down onto the base plate.
2. DOES NOT require the seat pan to be cut to fit without touching/interference.

1. DOES NOT require alteration to the velocity stacks. This is a good thing in my book when it comes to getting the most out of this setup.
2. Requires altering/cutting the seat pan to eliminate filter to seat touching/interference. I usually cut a half circle out of the seat pan where it comes close to the back of the filter, then smear black RTV over the opening/foam to seal the seat back up.

I have not noticed any touching of the filter to seat pan on the shop 950 EFI ADV, however this may be slightly different with the 950 carbed ADV. The 950 and 990 intake ports 'should' be in the same spot, so this 'should' apply to the 990 ADV as well.
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