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OK. I am about to install the intake system and 2 into 1 exhaust (FMF Ti with spark arrester). I have the SAS removed as well as the secondary butterflies--although they could easily go back on. Bike is a 2007 990. I have the Tune ECU cable ordered. For now, I am planning to see what I can accomplish without an EG analyzer

Advice on a map to start with?

Status of the Excel spreadsheet you mentioned for converting PV to Tune ECU.

Source for PC maps which could be converted?

Posting my questions here on the off chance someone else may benefit. If that's not the case, I can do this via PM or phone.

We have a perfect map for that. It's the one that is only Tune ECU. It was built on Tune ECU by a very reputable tuner for a Rottweiler Intake System and for a 2 into 1 exhaust. It says 2011 but in Tune ECU values are values. It should load. If not, export "F1 and F2" to your desktop or a place you can fine the file. It will be a bunch of numbers you can cut and paste. Triple check when you do this that the numbers for "F1" go into cyl 1 and vice versa. "Read" your ECU and change the values to match the values on the map on this page. See this page:

Having trouble getting it to cut and paste properly and we have allot of hand math to do to create that program, all the while trying to get the new stuff ready for the KTM rally so it's on hold for a bit but we have started it.

We are going to do everything we can here in the coming weeks to simplify all of this for people. We have found that ECU programming intimidates some users and stops them from enjoying the power our Rottweiler intake makes. We will be doing the Excel (If we can get it to work), videos, step by step instructions and a Tune ECU cable lender program.
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