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Adventure Rally Jacket has been discontinued. The Overland pants mentioned above-I also agree about the Velcro. After I test out my altered Overland Jacket, I might send the pants out to eliminate the Velcro and put in a zip up on the side like on my Dainese pants, which I like.

These systems really evolve do they not?

For me, it has become about the weight. That extra ounce saved over a grueling haul adds up at the end of the day. So, to my mind the best system is a good, lightweight Gortex shell reinforced at the impact points. Armor is a separate system strapped to the body so it doesn't move around. As temperature drops, you add layers under the Gortex shell. At the other extreme, a reinforced, mesh jersey is worn over the armor for maximum cooling. Sure, Badlands Pro is the best jacket but do I want all that weight on a hot day to give me protection? No. Well, I'm sure the evolution will continue.

Final note: I know for a fact that Klim does not just blow off your feedback. Their R&D knows that it is us the user that buys the features we want. So they are more than glad to take our "expert" advice and profit from it. So let 'em know.
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