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How I feed myself

The following post contains images and descriptions that may be unsuitable or offensive to some readers.

If your camp cooking requirements resemble this:

And if you need this equipment to make a cup of coffee while Adventure Touring:

Then you would be well advised to skip over this post, or at least be prepared to avert your eyes. You have been warned!

With that said, welcome to Dave's Diner, where our motto is, “It Makes A Turd”.

Seriously, I have the utmost respect and admiration for anyone who is willing not only to carry all that cooking and coffee'ing gear, but to actually take the time to use it. But that's not me. I enjoy good food as much as anyone, but I find it just doesn't matter on a trip. Riding is the reason I ride, and fueling myself is just a necessity, like fueling the bike. So my gear and provisioning is pretty basic.
The stove is a Fancy Feast can, the priming pan is a pickle jar lid, the windscreen is cut from a disposable roasting pan, and it all fits into a grease pot from Kmart:

Fuel is Heet, easy to replenish at any gas stop.

Dinner tonight is a pouch of protoplasm mixed with a bag of vegetable matter:

Boil the water for the spuds and heat the Spam all at once:

This meal was an experiment, and it was actually very good- better than the dehydrated backpacking meals I've tried. I sometimes take canned chili, Chunky soups, ravioli, or those bagged “tortilla stuffers”. Anything that requires only heating, or at most, boiling water.

Breakfast used to always be granola and fruit cocktail mixed together. Tasty, but on chilly mornings it's nice to have something warm. I can't stand oatmeal at home but I find it answers well enough when camping. And my coffee? The cheapest instant I can find. So here was breakfast on day 2:

I've tried the dehydrated scrambled eggs, and aside from being outrageously priced, I found them to taste about like a chopped up grout sponge, with salt added.

Lunches are usually just munchies- granola bars, jerky, trail mix. And sometimes I'll grab a gas station hot dog or a fast food dollar burger. I never do sit-down restaurants when I'm traveling solo but when my wife is along we sometimes will get a decent lunch in a diner or whatever. Otherwise I don't much care-as long as it fills the void, and makes a turd.

Next up, day 2.

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