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Day 19

So today we do the Denali Highway. About 150 miles of gravel road.

Since I am so tall, and Natalie is so short, she can't see over me.

This is her solution

1in Thick repair manual from replacing the clutch

Sweatshirt for comfort

Alaskan butt pad over it.

First part of the denali is paved.

Then it goes to a washboard with gravel road. It would be easy if we had a bike with suspension. This bikes suspension isnt the best.

Take a rest break and mess with the camera.

Gracious House for lunch

Not much around other than this.

So then we ride down the road some and I feel a big shifting in the rear of the bike. I slam on the brakes and find out that the saddle bag is gone!

I send Natalie to pick up the saddlebag (oops)

Now this is where I get in a bit of a bad mood. I would never take plastic saddlebags unless I had a backup plan. On the KLRs we had the rear trunk. If that breaks then it is easy to just buy a bag and strap it down. It is a bit harder to fix plastic.

Basically tried to tie it and it wasnt really working out. So it was kinda tied on and I yelled at natalie to just hold it up a bit. Well, this is on the side of her bad shoulder........ she was pissed.

So we did that for 50 miles on an extremely bumpy road.

We did see Mt. McKinley.

But we were both in bad moods and didnt enjoy it.

So we finish the denali highway. Personally, I read that it was one of the most scenic roads in America.......bleh.... It was nice, just not THAT nice. Much nicer stuff in Colorado, other parts of Alaska, and everywhere else.

Before we started the Denali highway, we met Steve. We ended up at the same gas station at the end and he helped me brain storm a fix for the saddlebags.

Found a local tire repair guy and borrowed a drill. 4 holes and zip ties. I ended up getting bigger zip ties from a hardware store in fairbanks.

Fix worked great the rest of the trip.

Here is Steve. We were trying to persuade him to go river rafting with us the next day! We also shared a campsite.

Miles: 170

Day 20

So we get up and head over to river rafting.

See a moose on the way.

We got steve to go! He was nervous. They put you in a dry suit that works great.

Im the front right, Natalie is behind me, and steve is in back. It was a blast! 2 hours and we almost fell off a couple times.

We then eat at the Salmon Bake and head up to fairbanks. We get a motel in fairbanks to patch my leaking mattress. We also change out the front tire.

Miles: 150
08 wr250r
04 xt225
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