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Originally Posted by PPiA View Post
Now I have the bad fuel dongle fitted, I'm just leaving it in Sport mode with the traction control off.
The TC caught me out recently. Had nailed it in 1st out of some lights using Sport mode. It did it's little wheelie. I kept it nailed and snicked 2nd as I split between a couple of cars.
It wheelied again as I was lane changing and nearly put me into the median strip.
I figured once it had dumbed down the power from the first wheelie it would keep it dumbed down, but a gear change seems to reset it.
Thanks Pete.

I did exactly the same thing today, as well as tightening the suspension up significantly and it transformed the bike. The TC really does interfere too much, and with only 150hp and a very controllable power curve, you don't really need it.

Once unleashed, felt fantastic hammering through the mountain roads. Effortless wheel stands, easy to break traction out of corners - but still keeping control. KTM really have built a brilliant bike.

I understand why KTM have installed TC, but it feels too much like an unnecessary net nanny. I came home and washed a couple of the bikes, then went for a dry off ride on my S1000RR, and it's got a super strong power hit that is nowhere near as controlled as the KTM, and it really does need TC just to stay on it.

After the changes to the suspension and turning off the TC, I'm struggling to criticise it at all.

Well done KTM.
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