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Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
My Ride:

On this trip I'll be Team Leader, Chief Mechanic, Route Planner, Photographer, Logistics, Public Relations, Ride Reporter as well as the Comic Relief. Bec will be "On Vacation" with minor inputs regarding eating and sleeping decisions. Um yeah, who am I kidding?

My value as Chief Mechanic is not fully appreciated cause as she says "Why bring all those tools and parts when we never break down?"
Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
Just tryin' to piss off as many of you as I can before I leave. I was nice to your wife Woody...............

Where's Loutre??????

The excitement is finally sinking in.

Oh Darrryl, sweetcakes. Do you already miss me? As I see you still can't live without me. Sorry for the late joining but I needed to wait for some guys to leave, to take care of their home for the next three weeks. Fingers crossed their internet connection seems to be working :o). Stupid thing is someone emptied their beer stock and I need to buy some 6 packs for the party I'm giving in their home. You know that film project X? That is only the prequel :o).

These cheap pricks only left a cat, what the hell am I supposed to do with that?!

Well enough about me. Do you still brag about that "jet mechanic for dummies' program you took a couple of years back? You know that you couldn't even fix santa's magic sleigh with that knowledge.

As said before you should leave that "public relation" part to your wifey, as well as the logistic part since it involves:
"the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies", and "the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation"... Well over your league buddy... Keep following your sat-nav and try to stay on your bike. Oh and that black color scheme? Who are you kidding? You can't pull of the Ba(d/t)man look .

Ride safe you too... oh and isn't SHE scared riding with you??

And don't start giving me crap about that color, someone already took my "green" for this RR (I'll hunt you down!). So I'm trying to add a feminin side to this man chauvinistic RR... You're welcome WORLD!

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