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Originally Posted by BCJC View Post
I'm a slim 6' 175lbs, tried on the traverse M, and of course the sleeves were too short in a riding position. Now have the overland in a L, and the sleeve lengths is perfect, but the body of the jacket is way baggier than i would like. Definitely not "skinny little euro boy" sizing...

Not alot of faith that the elbow armour will stay put, and those dinky velcro straps are just for looks, cause they ain't gonna hold anything down under stress.

The heft and feel of the jacket is nice, fairly burly. Neck closure keeps wind out well, vents do ok, but i don't live in a hot weather zone.

As mentioned, the sleeve cuffs are tough to get over gauntlet gloves. I have Held Air n Dry's, and its a pita if you are doing town stuff, and having to put on/off often.

Overall, if the jacket is truly waterproof, and will keep some road rash away, i'll be happy. But, it's not quite the magic bullet jacket at $430. imo.
Better 'skinny little euro boy' than 'most obese nation in the world big fat supersize yank' size!
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